Laboratories-IN-the-Bakehouse BEAUTIFUL BREADS AND DECORATED Sardinian SWEETS

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🔸Emotions, laughter, acquaintance, beautiful people and a lot of satisfaction: the summary of our weekend ♥️🔸

When we start planning and organizing a workshop-IN-the-kitchen I and Maddrigga di luna always have the same enthusiasm as if it were the first one, the same energy and attention to detail to make sure that our guests feel good and go home with smiles on their faces.

It is not rhetoric if we say that this time expectations were clearly exceeded. The images tell of ancient breads and cakes, hands creating, and almost scents, voices and background laughter emanate from the colors of those doughs. The eyes shining with excitement from behind the masks needed no words to express the joy of being together, creating together, exchanging knowledge and experience.

All this was possible thanks to those who chose us and to the fabulous teacherGianfranca Dettori who not only knows how to do but also how to transmit and does it with passion and fun ♥️

Almost incredulous to finally meet us in person, after mesmerizing us by showing us the very rare filindeu process, they immediately got their hands into the dough to create breads that are like precious sculptures. During the second event, it was the turn of sweets that are finely painted into cameos.

What impressed everyone was certainly Gianfranca’s ability to make something that is not only beautiful to look at but above all good to taste. Sweets and breads so beautiful that it almost hurts to break them in your hands, but once tasted they are addictive.

Great knowledge and love of tradition, but with a modern focus and approach to the balance of flavors, this is what was conveyed to us during these two days.

It was an honor to have Gianfranca with us, and to have you to support us and thank us for this “amazing experience from every point of view,” just as you told us in saying goodbye🙏

We look forward to repeating!

A hug 🤗

Which is finally less and less virtual!

See you soon,

Melania and Cinzia💕


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