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Sardinian idioms often revolve around words that encapsulate a strong meaning and that alone make sufficient sense to those familiar with the Sardinian language.

Often leading the way in Sardinian, as we know, is irony or a streak of sarcastic humor that is misunderstood because we like to turn the meaning of sentences upside down.

The term ”disigiu” is one of those words that are used in the most varied ways and tones, but it literally means in Campidanese Sardinian ”desire.”

In Malvio De’ Cupin’s Phraseologia Karalitana, it is said to be ”yearning, sometimes a harbinger of depression where unfulfilled.” It gives the idea.

Then the author points to an example of an idiom with the word in question: ”Mi seu trunchendi de su disigiu de bidi a mamai!” meaning ”I’m pining (literally ”I’m cringing” ed.) for the desire to see my mother again!”

What is your disigiu?

And what do they say in your area of Sardinia?

My today as never before is to be able to return to carefree travel and meet friends, family, make new acquaintances.

Mi seu trunchendi de su disigiu! 😀💚

We will go back to being Bagamundusu 🙂🍀



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