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As when “yes yes, let me do it!” or as when “okay, I’ll do what you say.”

And then they didn’t! 😄

Literally “I go, but I don’t pass on the right road,” on the path I should follow. I go and do the alternative path, the one I like…. That is, I just do what I want, or I do something but against my will, maybe badly in order not to follow advice, or instructions 😄

We were told this as children in a scolding tone in response to our “yes, yes I’ll fix my room now” or “okay, I’ll do my homework…”

We weren’t very credible, maybe because we were in a hurry to get back into the game no? 😊

Until next week Bagamundusu! ❤

Saludi and Trigu!🍀


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