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Once again the source of folk wisdom is my maternal grandmother ❤

Grandma Victoria was as petite as she was good and optimistic, and full of enthusiasm, and full of children 😊 Eight children. For which he prepared everything, thought of everything, while grandfather spent 12 hours (if he was doing well) outside the house 100 feet underground in the mine.

Grandma also made bread for everyone. Started the day before with sourdough, continued in the middle of the night…. Then to bake at dawn. And in the middle of the night as she did, dear children had to wake up to help her, at least as much as they could. The boys and girls, of various ages, were not quite agreeable to this traumatic wake-up call and complained, asking why they were being forced to make this sacrifice….

My grandmother used to reply that “s’una manu cun s’attra sciaquanta sa facci,” meaning one hand with the other together washes the face, one alone is not enough, and that being many there were many chores to be done, but the more they helped each other and cooperated, the sooner they could finish and go play together.

It occurred to me these days, thinking about the extremely complicated situation we are all experiencing. We are all in this together, no one excluded.

Then maybe by working together we will all come out of this faster and get back to outdoor fun? We hope 🍀

Meanwhile, Saludi and Trigu Bagamundusu!❤️


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