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In the small historic centre, within walking distance of each other, there are many points of interest, from the Archaeological Museum housed in the building of the former Aragonese Prison to the 16th-century Church of Sant’Antonio – held by the Confraternity of the Vergine D’Itria – and that of the Beata Vergine Assunta with its large, shining dome. Right in front of this is one of the jewels of Romanesque architecture in Sardinia: the small Church of San Giuliano, held by the Confraternity of the Madonna del Rosario, and which every year in September for over 60 years has hosted a rare traditional ceremony, the Ancient Wedding of Selargius.

Selargius also houses the Si’E Boi park designed on the ex Distillery that belonged to the lawyer and politician Sebastiano Boi, the largest and most modern distillery in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century.


History and stories of those who inhabited and still inhabit it, in those Campidanese houses protected by large wooden portals and built with mud and straw bricks, the ladiri, which you can still admire walking through the streets of the centre.

The beauty of Selargius also lies in its landscape:

just a few kilometres away there is the Molentargius Park with its salt pans. Contributing to making the area unique are the capper groves spread around the town.

Selargius capers, due to their special characteristics and goodness, fall into the category of PAT (Traditional Sardinian Food Products) and together with olive groves and vineyards surround the town and make you feel far away from the urban centre as if every noise were absorbed by nature.

Selargius takes you into its history, archaeology, offers you good wine and genuine food, but it is also tradition and art, as you will see when you visit the Pulli Ceramic Artistic Laboratory, where ceramic masters are always at work creating their works of art with their characteristic bright colours.

We will visit, learn about and taste all this during the Selargius tour, which is available in 3 different experiential itineraries available all year round:

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