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I’ll show you a Sardinia you’ve never seen or heard of.

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Explore the categories and choose the type of tour that best matches your curiosity and your desire to discover South Sardinia.

Who is Bagamunda?

Licensed tour guide (No. 2135 R.S.A.) and food and wine tour planner.

I studied at the University of Cagliari in the field of Tourism Sciences, also specializing in History of Contemporary Art with an experimental thesis about Street art and Graffiti between the United States and Europe.

From my studies and numerous travels in 2018 are born the tours of Street Art, Graffiti and Murals in Cagliari!

For you I create tailor-made food&wine tours and itineraries in South Sardinia.

My motto?
Become the protagonist of your vacation!

On tour with Bagamunda

I combine my passion with skills and I make them my job!

I propose different kinds of experiences all over Sardinia, especially in South Sardinia.

I am an expert in cultural itineraries and a designer of food and wine itineraries, I create experiences tailored to your preferences.

In Sardinia you can live different experiences not only visit the wonderful beaches, some of which famous all over the world.

In this ancient land there is a great culture, which derives from its unique history.

A history of domination and resistance, archaeology shows us traces of this ancient history, from the Nuraghi to the Giants of Monte Prama, the Roman Empire, the Spanish domination… to modern history, the history of mining that has left traces even in contemporary architecture.

Our culture is definitely linked to the beautiful wild and unspoilt nature in which we are immersed, to the ancestral traditions and to the Mediterranean Sea that surrounds us.

I’ll show you a Sardinia you’ve never seen or heard of.

Featured Tours

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The only truly original tour that takes you to discover Cagliari from an alternative all colorful perspective!



The wine tour that will introduce you to one of Sardinia’s historic wineries that was founded in the mid-20th century and boasts the highest quality production of Carignano, a doc of Sulcis since 1977.



We will find out which artists have left their signatures and I will tell you how this major art project that collects murals, sculptures, and poster art interventions came about.

From my Blog
Sardinia Bagamunda

I tell you about my island with all its shades of colors, stories and flavors, because Sardinia is full of magic to be discovered, from nature to its unique culture.

I show it to you through three of my passions, the same ones that characterize the tours and experiences I offer to those who want to visit Sardinia as a local: traditions, art, and good food.

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