On Tour with Bagamunda

I propose different kind of experiences in Sardinia, in particular in the South area of the Island

I am an expert about cultural itineraries and I can build them with your preferences.

In Sardinia you can live many kind of experiences because the island has wonderful beaches,

some of them are famous all over the world, but not only beaches...

In Sardinia you can find a great ancient culture derived from its ancient history, unique in its kind.
A history of dominations and resistance to them. Of this ancient history archeology gives us evidence, from the Nuraghi to the Giants of Monte Prama, to Roman history, the Spanish one... Up to the most modern history, the mining one or the one that has left us examples of contemporary architecture.
Our culture is also definitely linked to the beautiful wild nature in which we are immersed,

to the traditions and the Mediterranean Sea that surrounds us.

My goal is to let you know my island from all points of view.

Down here you can find city tours original and funny.

Choose yours and Enjoy!


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Street art Tours Cagliari

The Street Art Tours of Cagliari are guided experiences that will take you to discover the most significant works of urban art in the city and the stories of the artists who made them.